MCA Suite Is Now Integrated with Microbilt

MCA Suite, the leading merchant cash advance CRM, has integrated with Microbilt, the leader in credit and bank verification services. With the Microbilt integration, credit and bank statement verification can be initiated from MCA Suite to streamline the MCA underwriting process.

MCA Suite Microbilt Integration

During the Merchant Cash Advance underwriting process, Funders and ISO/Brokers can use MCA Suite to send merchant and owner information to Microbilt to receive a copy of credit and bank statement details. These reports are stored as attachments within the Deal (specifically, Owner Credit and Bank Statement pages) for reference. MCA Suite has integrated with Microbilt to pull from all three credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.


Microbilt fully integrated into MCA Suite

Please contact us for more details on this integration or to set up an account with Microbilt. Our team is working hard to automate the merchant cash advance underwriting process. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed. Additional integration features will be released for the second half of the year.

MCA Suite Is Now Integrated with Microbilt