Whether you are a broker or a funder, MCA Suite is a merchant cash advance CRM with all the components necessary to improve your operations and to support your merchant cash advance business.

Deal Tracking

Track deals from leads, to underwriting, through collection. Supports refinancing of existing funded deals and syndication of deals with individual investors and other funders.

Lead Management

Manage all your contacts and leads in one place. Assign them to agents or teams and easily add applications, notes, qualifying questions and more.

Submission Tracking

Easily submit deals, including any related documentation, to multiple brokers/ISOs and funders.

Commission Tracking

Administer commission payout to brokers and other funding companies. Easily compare scheduled amounts to settled amounts both within your organization and with external sources.


Create accounts for different users based on their role in your organization, allowing investors, brokers and merchants to log in to their own distinct portals.

Deal Syndication

Syndicate deals with existing funders and other investors. Calculate management fee collection up front, concurrently or on the back end.

Secured Document Storage

Documents are stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere. Redistribute documents to business partners with ease. Pre-populate your custom documents with fields from within the system.

Integrations & API’s

MCA Suite integrates with ACH partners for automatic payment tracking. Run credit checks from within the application.

Reporting and Analytics

Use dashboards and reports to evaluate your overall portfolio and improve your business efficiency.

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