MCA Suite Improves Management Of Submissions For Merchant Cash Advance Brokers & ISOs

MCA Suite is pleased to release the following feature enhancements for Merchant Cash Advance Brokers and ISO’s:

1.  Perform Mass Action in Submission Tracking

Rather than entering the same Submission Status Note for each Funder that has been sent a Submission, you can now perform a bulk addition of notes to multiple Funders. This will also give you an opportunity to change statuses in bulk, which is helpful since an offer from a single Funder is often accepted and the remainder are not.

In addition to updating Submission Notes in bulk, you can also select multiple Funders and send the same email with an attachment or link to files to the selected Funders. This feature is useful when you want to send updated merchant documents to the Funders’ underwriters.

MCA Submission management

2.  Send Submissions Without Attachments

Brokers and ISOs can now send Submissions (as leads)to a Funders without needing to send attachments. This feature allows Merchant Cash Advance ISOs to quickly register their leads with the Funders, and updates received from Merchants can be submitted via the feature stated above.

3.  Submission Search Page Available As “BETA”

We have created Submission Search Page that displays all Submissions made to Merchant Cash Advance Funders/Lenders. This will allow Merchant Cash Advance Brokers/ISOs to search all of MCA Suite for Submissions, and display the results neatly to increase ease of navigation. This feature will save agents’ time by helping to track and organize submissions.

MCA Suite Submission Tracking

NOTE: Submission Search Page will only show results for deals that are not yet funded/tracked.

Please contact us if you are a Broker or an ISO interested in previewing this page.

MCA Suite Improves Management Of Submissions For Merchant Cash Advance Brokers & ISOs

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