MCA Suite Releases Enhancements to Commission Tracking

We are excited to announce following enhancements to MCA Suite’s Commission Tracking module:

MCA Suite Commission Tracking

1. Based on our clients’ feedback, we have added a commission type to improve the tracking of commissions paid and earned for each deal. When a “commission type” is payable, it means it is the amount owed to a party for that particular deal. Commissions and fees paid to agents and brokers should be considered as “payable commission.”

When a commission type is receivable, it means commission is due for that particular deal. Our clients, who are brokers or funding companies who syndicate deals, can use our commission module to track commissions owed to them by a third party.

2. Our Commissions Administration module has also been updated with commission types. Administrators can now create separate one-time reports for all their receivable and payable commissions. Receivable commission reports will display all commissions received from a third party; payable reports will show commissions paid out to brokers or agents. We made this enhancement in the hope of extending increased flexibility to our clients, and of helping clients better track the movement of their money.

We are excited to share this new feature with our user base. We will continue to update MCA Suite to better support our clients. Please subscribe to our feed for our latest product updates.

MCA Suite Releases Enhancements to Commission Tracking

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