MCA Suite November 2013 Enhancements

In case you have not noticed, we have recently rolled out a number of small enhancements to MCA Suite to help improve our clients’ merchant cash advance operations. The following features were implemented based on our clients’ feedback and suggestions:

1.  Upload multiple files at once — This feature allows users to select multiple files to be uploaded to MCA Suite. It’s helpful for users underwriting MCA deals as they now can upload multiple documents (such as processing and bank statements). Users can click on the “Add Files” button and hold the Shift or Control keys (Command for Mac users) to select multiple files from the pop-up box to be uploaded to MCA Suite. After the files are selected, click on the “Start Upload” button to upload multiple files.

2.  Upload files on the Deal Checklist page — This feature allows users to attach multiple documents to the checklist page.

MCA Suite CRM for Merchant Cash Advance Checklist3.  Confirmation Messages — MCA Suite allows certain user types (roles)  to make significant changes, such as deleting companies, defaulting deals, etc. We’ve recently put in extra safeguards in the form of confirmation messages, so users cannot accidentally commit one of these deletion or updating actions. When users try to delete a whole company (an action that also deletes any deals associated with that company), default a deal or edit deal statuses, we show you pop-up windows allowing you to confirm (or rethink) these actions.

We will continue to rollout small changes to help clients. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions as well. Follow us on Twitter ( to receive the latest updates.


MCA Suite November 2013 Enhancements

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