MCA Suite Releases Campaign Management and Tracking Capabilities

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) Brokers and Funders need to know where they are getting their leads and deals from so they can better manage their marketing budgets. MCA Suite’s latest enhancement allows tracking of leads and deals based on campaigns created by Brokers and Funders.

Merchant Cash Advance Campaign

Each MCA deal can be tied to a campaign. Brokers and Funders can go to the Administration section of MCA Suite to create and edit campaigns and track campaign budgets. With the data stored on MCA Suite, the application can easily create reports to track how many leads have been generated related to each individual campaign. This is a key marketing metric Brokers and Funders will use to manage their spending on lead generation.

For more details on how MCA Suite’s Campaign Management feature works, you can download our latest documentation:  MCA Suite – Campaign Setup. Please continue to follow us or check back on this blog for more product enhancements.

MCA Suite Releases Campaign Management and Tracking Capabilities

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