MCA Suite 2014 Product Roadmap

We are always listening to our current and prospective clients to make MCA Suite the leading platform for funders and brokers in the merchant cash advance industry. Below is a list of enhancements we are working on and will release these features over the next few months:

1.  Management Dashboard – We are working with our current clients to define requirements for an interactive dashboard that will offer funders and brokers a view of their operations. Funders and brokers can see their merchant cash advance deal flow as well as graphs to show status. We will offer ultimate flexibility for our clients to customize what they want to see and how they want to see their data. Below is a sneak peek of our dashboard:

MCA Deals by Status

2.  Redesigned User Interface – using data we have collected from our clients, we are redesigning all the pages in MCA Suite to improve productivity. The streamlined user interface maximizes screen real estate by presenting more information to users on a single page. Below is a preview of how we have re-invented ourselves:

MCA Suite Deal Detail Page

3.  Broker Access Portal for Funders – merchant cash advance funders have been asking for tools to increase their collaboration with their brokers. We will be building a Broker Access Portal for our funder clients to allow their brokers to submit deals, upload documents related to deals, access deal information and view commission schedules.

4.  Direct Submission of Deals to Funders – For our broker clients, we are actively working with the leading funders and lenders of cash advance deals to automate the submission of deal information from MCA Suite to the funders’ underwriting systems. With this feature, brokers using MCA Suite can collect and store all the required files and documents from the merchant, and easily submit deals to lenders/funders with a click of a button. Stipulations and statuses from the funders will also be updated on MCA Suite so brokers can view offers received and current deal statuses.

5.  Investment Management – Our clients currently use MCA Suite to track their money invested in MCA deals; but they would also like to use MCA Suite to help track investments received from investors. We will be working closely with our clients to define requirements to build out an investment management module where our clients can track investments received from investors, interests accrued by investors and disbursement of interests to investors.

As you can see, our team has a full plate for 2014! We are still looking for additional suggestions. Please check back to our blog for more details on each of the enhancements listed above. Just like 2013, MCA Suite will be releasing enhancements to our clients on a weekly to monthly basis.

MCA Suite 2014 Product Roadmap

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