MCA Suite Rolls Out Commission Tracking Improvements

MCA Suite announces improvements to help funders and brokers manage their commission & fees related to Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) deals. The Commission & Fees page has been redesigned with the following new features:

New and cleaner layout with the commission information distributed over two pages. The main page provides a summary of all the commissions owed to brokers or owed from funders. To view the details of each commission, users can click on the pencil icon for more details. All the information from our previous layout is retained.

MCA Suite Commission Tracking

Commissions can now be entered as a fixed amount or a percentage of the advance amount of the MCA deal. This has been one of the most requested enhancements from our clients for the past six months. We are certain this enhancement will help improve our clients’ operations.

MCA Suite Adding Commission

The rest of the Commission & Fees page remains the same. MCA Suite still allows our broker and funder clients to enter both Payable and Receivable commissions; you can add commissions for either a broker company or broker contact person; we kept the table that displays totals for all payable or receivable commissions, scheduled and settled. And you can still run reports on commissions using the Admin > Commission Administration page.

We regularly modify and enhance MCA Suite in response to our clients’ requirements and feedback. The new Commission & Fees page was born from the client needs we heard expressed. Please contact us with any questions about the changes to the Commission & Fees page.

MCA Suite Rolls Out Commission Tracking Improvements

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