MCA Suite Summer 2015 enhancements

The summer of 2015 has been a very busy quarter for the MCA Suite team. We have made many improvements to our leading merchant cash advance CRM platform to help direct funders and brokers/ISOs optimize their operations. Below is a summary of our recent enhancements made last couple of months:

1.  Ability to create custom comma-separated value (csv) templates to import transactions from various payment processors and funders. MCA Suite allows funders to import transactions from payment processors to be applied as repayments to a funded merchant cash advance deal. Prior to this enhancement, funders would need to format reports from payment processors to match MCA Suite’s import template. With this enhancement, funders can set up a template with predefined columns for each payment processor’s report, and apply the template to the import process. Some fields will still be required, but the format of the template can be customized. Here’s a link to our support page with detailed instructions to setup your import template.

2.  Ability to export all uploaded files for a Deal in a single zip file. – Brokers and Funders use MCA Suite’s Deal > Documents tab to store all merchant cash advance related documents, such as scanned copies of bank statements, images of driver license, etc. With this enhancement, users can download all uploaded documents tied to a merchant cash advance deal with a single click of a button.

MCA Suite Download Files uploaded for underwriting

3.  Added a submission link to the Deals page to allow Brokers and Funders to quickly access Deal submissions. If a deal is funded, the payback bar graph now links directly to Deal Tracking.

MCA Suite Deal List

We have also introduced a payment calendar to allow our funders to track their merchant cash advance deal performance more accurately; made improvements throughout the Contacts pages to improve tracking of key relationships; and a few security enhancements such as the session timeout alert (see below).

Session Timeout

For the rest of 2015, our team will be focused on: “Integration.” We will be partnering with third-party service providers to make MCA Suite a seamless platform for players in the merchant cash advance industry. Please send us your suggestions in regard to partnerships we should form. Stay tuned to our blog and social channels for future announcements on integration related announcements.

MCA Suite Summer 2015 enhancements

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