MCA Suite introduces USAePAY daily alerts based on payment threshold

MCA Suite is pleased to announce a new enhancement added to our USAePay payment gateway integration. Current customers using the USAePay payment gateway for collecting daily remittance from merchants for merchant cash advance deals can set up notifications to receive emails summarizing USAePay activities.

The daily email will contain two sets of critical collections-related information:

1. A listing of all USAePay customer (merchant) transactions containing errors or returns from the past five (5) calendar days.

2. A listing of USAePay customers (merchants) meeting the set threshold number related to payments remaining to be debited.

With this new feature, customers can define a payment threshold and have that information delivered to them via email. The “number of payments left threshold” is a limit you set referring to the number of days before a customer reaches its number of final payments.

For example, a merchant is scheduled to make 120 payments and you enter “5” as the number left threshold. This tells the system to notify you 5 days/payments before that customer reaches 120 (or when the 115th payment has been reached). The new daily email will show you all the merchants who have hit their number left threshold.

MCA Suite USAEPAY Integration Payment Threshold

To set the number left threshold, visit the USAePay setup page. You will see a field that allows you to enter your preferred threshold number and an e-mail to send then notification (see below).

USAEPAY Setup Screen on MCA Suite

Please contact us to learn more about this new feature.

MCA Suite introduces USAePAY daily alerts based on payment threshold

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