MCA Suite May and June 2015 enhancements

MCA Suite has implemented many enhancements during the months of May and June 2015. Below are the major enhancements impacting our current and prospective clients:

1.  Major improvements made to the Deals Main/Search page based on our clients’ feedback and suggestions. The new Deals Search page allows clients to quickly sort through and retrieve information on their merchant cash advance deals. Changes include:

a) By default, deals are sorted by Creation Date, which allows users to see their latest merchant cash advance deals immediately, at the top of the page;
b) Sorting of merchant cash advance deals from the Deals Search page can be done by clicking on the column headers or via the filters on the page;
c) Deal statuses, Assigned to, and other filters along the top of the page, have been converted from “type along” look-up fields to drop-down selectors to improve ease of use;
d) All funded/tracked merchant cash advance deals have a counter to show collection / percentage repaid;
e) Deal status dates and the latest deal status information can be easily accessed on the Deals Search page.

merchant cash advance deal list

2.  The “My Total Funding” dashboard allows our clients who are both merchant cash advance direct funders and brokers/ISOs, to view their total investments. The “My Total Funding” dashboard combines the Direct Funding and Investor dashboards. Refer to this article for a detailed explanation of how the dashboard works.

MCA Suite Total Funding Dashboard

3.  Unsettled ACHWorks transactions can be found on the Deal Tracking page to allow MCA funders to see the status of pending remittance from their cash advance deals.

Pending ACHWorks transactions

4.  Direct funders using MCA Suite are able to create separate user accounts for their Merchants and Investors (i.e., syndication participants). As an enhancement to this feature, Merchant and Investor user accounts can now download detailed information related to their deal participation (for Investors) or statements (for Merchants). From the Merchant and Investor portals, users can click on the new Export button to download this information.

Downloading info from MCA Suite investor portal

5.  We have added an administrative setting to allow our clients to set an automatic, default Deal Name for all new deals. Prior to this feature, users had to enter a Deal Name when adding a new merchant cash advance deal. The alternative was to have all deals be named “Deal1” by default, as a placeholder, generic Deal Name. With this new feature, users can now set up new Deal Names to one of five variables. Refer to this article for more details on how to set it up.

MCA Suite configuration

Our team is working on a number of new enhancements to be released over the summer. These new features include: Syncing your MCA Suite database with your Dropbox account for reporting and backup purposes; generating statements for your Merchants; and integration with third party vendors to pull bank statements and credit information.

Please send us your feedback and suggestions to improve via Twitter.

MCA Suite May and June 2015 enhancements

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