MCA Suite 2016-Q1 Roadmap

The MCA Suite team is off to a great start to 2016. Our focus for the first half of 2016 is to improve the MCA Suite Broker offering to better serve merchant cash advance brokers / ISOs. Below is a list of key MCA Suite product features planned for the first quarter of 2016:

1. The addition of new deal stages (what are deal stages?). This will allow brokers to have a better view of how their deals progress and drastically improve the visibility of a merchant cash advance deal flow. We are implementing this feature based on your feedback from 2015.

Merchant Cash Advance Deal Stages

2. Allow agents to create lead sheets (“Qualifying Questions”) tied to the lead instead of having to create a deal. This was an important request from brokers/ISOs in 2015 and we believe it will go a long way in helping to streamline their operations.

Merchant Cash Advance Qualifying Questions

3. Implement a messaging system to allow our broker/ISO and Funder customers to communicate with merchants and prospects. This feature will reduce our customers’ reliance on their email system for merchant cash advance related matters.

As always, there will be a number of minor enhancements implemented throughout the first quarter of 2016 to go along with these new features. We will continue to publish on our blog and social media handles to keep you updated and we welcome your ongoing feedback and suggestions. Please keep them coming.

MCA Suite 2016-Q1 Roadmap

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