MCA Suite Enhancements to Improve Merchant Cash Advance Broker Operations

MCA Suite is pleased to announce the following enhancements that improve merchant cash advance brokers’ operations to complete our 2016-Q1 roadmap:

1. Based on your feedback, Qualifying Questions (sometimes referred to as lead sheets) are now integrated with leads (the merchant). This enhancement gives merchant cash advance brokers an option to create questionnaires for their agents to “qualify” the merchant during the leads process without starting an application for the merchant.

The Qualifying Questions will continue to be associated with the Deal after the merchant goes through the application process. This enhancement will be no disruption to your operations if you wish to stay with your current process, or do not use MCA Suite to manage your merchant cash advance leads. Refer to the following support articles (How do I use Qualifying Questions?) for more details on how this enhancement can help your operations.

MCA Suite Lead Sheet

2. The MCA Suite Leads page has been redesigned to allow merchant cash advance brokers to quickly perform frequently-used functions when they are going through their leads. With a click of a button, agents can now add answers to qualifying questions, update a status, create a task or decline a merchant.

MCA Suite Merchant Cash Advance Leads

3.  New search filters are available on contact and deal search pages. This is a key feature requested by many of our customers.

MCA Suite Search Filters

4.  New dashboards have been made available to Agents, Chasers and other roles in the system.

5. The “Use of Proceeds” field on the MCA Application page. Previously, the “Use of Proceeds” was saved to the “Deal Description” field in Deal Summary/Details page once the deal was created. We have created a separate field to store both “Use of Proceeds” and “Deal Description” on the Deal Summary page.

All previous deal description data will be copied to the new “Use of Proceeds” field, so you will see it duplicated in both fields.

MCA Suite merchant cash advance deal details

We have also created a separate document merge code: USE_OF_PROCEEDS. If you were using DEAL_DESCRIPTION prior, make sure you have the appropriate code on your document template. Here’s a link to the support article on how to use our document merge feature.

Please continue to send us your feedback and stay tuned for more updates and enhancements scheduled for this quarter.

MCA Suite Enhancements to Improve Merchant Cash Advance Broker Operations

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