MCA Suite 2016 Spring Enhancements

MCA Suite, the leading merchant cash advance platform, is pleased to announce the following enhancements made during the spring of 2016:

1. Bulk Changes to Leads – Managers can now make bulk changes directly from the Leads tab. System Administrators and Managers can select multiple contacts from the Leads tab and change their assignments, security access permissions, delete and/or decline status. This enhancement enables merchant cash advance call center managers to improve their team’s productivity.

merchant cash advance leads management

2. Additional Filters to the Leads tab – Based on our customers’ feedback and suggestions, additional filters have been added to the Leads page to enable various views of merchant cash advance leads and statuses.

3. Custom Fields for Document Merge – Merchant Cash Advance underwriters and lawyers can create custom fields that need to go into legal documents, contracts, disclaimers, or any other templates. Here is a link to an article to setup this feature.

MCA Suite document merge feature

MCA Suite is making continuous improvements to our platform on a weekly basis. Please follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page to get more frequent product updates.

MCA Suite 2016 Spring Enhancements

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